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Why Choose Nathan?


You have many choices of defense attorneys in Utah, so why choose Nathan?

1) Former Prosecutor

Nathan worked for 11 years as a prosecutor inside the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office. He worked on everything from traffic tickets to homicides. Nathan went to trial on dozens of cases and was in the courtroom on thousands of cases. Not only is this invaluable experience for you, but Nathan knows how a prosecutor thinks and views a case. With that insight, he can resolve a case to your benefit.

2) Experience

Nathan has spent countless hours in the courtroom, including going to jury trial dozens of times. He has experience with infractions of the law to very high profile felony cases. That kind of experience brings a knowledge and skill that is useful in your defense.


3) 7 Step Process


Nathan learned that there is no substition to preparation and hard work when working legal cases. If you choose Nathan to represent you, he promises that each client he represents will follow a 7 Step Process:

  1. Client Intake

    • Nathan will personally visit with you and understand your wishes. He will begin to develop a specific strategy for your specific case.​

  2. Receive and Review Evidence

    • Nathan will receive the evidence used against you and review every aspect of it.​

  3. Summarize and Strategize​

    • After receiving and reviewing the evidence, Nathan will break it down to its basic parts and begin to look for strategies to build an effective defense. His background as a prosecutor is very useful at this stage.​

  4. Legal Analysis​

    • After reviewing and summarizing the evidence, Nathan will prepare a legal analysis of the case. ​He will determine what, if any, legal motions are needed and find the weaknesses in the government's case.

  5. Meet Client​

    • After the review of the facts and the law, Nathan will personally meet with you to go over everything, including determining the best strategy for you and your case. Your voice and your wishes will be heard.​

  6. Negotiation

    • Most criminal cases are resolved without a jury trial; instead, they are negotiated. Nathan has been invovled in thousands of negotiations on criminal cases. He knows what works and what doesn't. Over the years, Nathan has become a very effective negotiator because he knows the facts of the case, the issues with it, and the law.​

  7. Preparation for Hearings and Trial​

    • If your case needs to suppress evidence, Nathan will prepare a strong motion and argument. If your case is going to trial, Nathan will be prepared with an strong strategy, effective arguments, and will be ready to defend your case. He is known for his preparation on cases and has been asked to teach others how to be prepared in court.​

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