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Grateful To Help These Clients!



Nathan Evershed is a rock star. A friend of mine is an attorney and knew I was in a predicament. Unbeknownst to me, my friend contacted Nathan. The next morning my phone rang with Nathan on the other end. Nathan walked me through everything. When I texted he replied quickly and was always attentive. You know the hot shot attorneys you see on TV, well basically that is Nathan Evershed. Just think of the best closing arguments you have seen in the movies and that’s Nathan. If you don’t need legal services, you can still hire him just to watch him give a made up opening/closing argument. He’s that good. Nathan is well know and respected in the judicial system. Trust me, you will have fun telling others Nathan Evershed is your attorney.


I hired Nathan to represent me in a workplace matter. Nathan was amazing. Took time to meet with me and learn who I was. He then went over my case and discussed the issues involved and made sure I understood the possibilities. Nathan put things into perspective for me easing my mind and calming my nerves. Nathan made sure I understood what mattered in my case. When it came time. Nathan was by my side which resulted in a very positive outcome for me. Nathan was very knowledgeable. But just as important cared about me as a person. I would recommend Nathan Evershed to anyone who wants to be represented by someone who genuinely cares about the people he represents.


Excellent Work!

Nathan was very nice and gave our case personalized and urgent attention and was able to help us resolve the matter quickly. He was honest, upfront, empathetic and realistic about everything.
We appreciate his help and highly recommend his service.


Knows the law and how the system works, uses that for your advantage!
Definitely a good attorney to know! I hired him to help me with a misdemeanor case. He got the charge dismissed! Highly recommend!while securing a positive legal result.



Nathan was so helpful through this process. My work puts me in contact with many lawyers. Nathan is the best period. I watched him maintain good working relationships with other attorneys. I absolutely trust his opinion and knowledge but he made it clear that I was in control. Whatever decision I made he would work hard for the best outcome. I don’t regret hiring him and in fact I feel very lucky to have him watching my back.

Thank you Nathan!!!


Phenomenal! He helped me get the best outcome possible. Forever grateful for his hard work and efforts to help me out with my situation.


Nathan represented me very well in court. I highly recommend him if you’re in need of a good attorney. He is very professional, understanding, Smart, and charismatic.

Clients Who Wished to Remain Anonymous

Client 1: I hired Nathan after I was charged. Nathan immediately responded and approached it in a way I knew I was going to be ok right away. Nathan knows what he's doing; his experience in prosecuting and defense mattress him a superb option. He keeps you in the loop and did not put up with nonsense from the other side. He's reasonable, straight forward.

Client 2: Nathan took our case on and quickly did so with efficiency. Our case was represented to our benefit in having charges reduced. He reached out to us multiple times to let us know the status of our case. This helped with relieving anxiety and worry during that time.

Client 3: Don't hesitate to hire Nathan Evershed! It was a privilege to have Nathan Evershed in my corner. He was upfront and personal and kept me informed as to the status of my case. Nathan is a consummate professional, and I recommend him highly!

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