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Very few things in life are as frightening as being charged with a crime. Even the threat of facing criminal charges can impact ones relationships and health, both physical and mental. This is understandable because criminal convictions can greatly impact a person's life and liberty.

With the stakes so high, you need an experienced attorney in your corner. One that can help you navigate the criminal justice system and obtain the best possible result for you. Nathan Evershed is dedicated to doing just that for you. 


Felony crimes are the most serious and carry severe punishments that can impact your life and liberty. Nathan Evershed has experience with every kind of felony case. He has been to trial on dozens of felony cases. That experience and dedication is what your defense deserves.


Misdemeanor convictions can have grave consequences. You need an advocate who has the experience to understand the legal and factual issues in a case to help you obtain the best results possible. Nathan Evershed has great experience handling misdemeanor crimes and can help you acheive the best outcome in your case.

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